Thursday, July 18, 2002

Software Engineer Files Overtime Class Action Against Citicorp

A computer software engineer for Citicorp Development Center has filed a class action law suit against his employer, alleging that he and his co-workers have not been paid the overtime compensation owed to them.

"California law requires employers to pay software engineers overtime as long as they make less than $89,000 per year, even if they are on salary," said the plaintiff's attorney, Steven G. Pearl. "Our client is like most software engineers. He consistently works more than 40 hours per week, but his employer refuses to pay him time-and-a-half."

The law suit seeks recovery of overtime wages for all software engineers employed by Citicorp Development Center, Citibank Service Corporation and Salomon Smith Barney in California over the last four years.

"California employers must comply with California law, which is more strict than Federal law. Under Federal law, software engineers earning more than $57,000 per year are exempt from the overtime requirements. But in California, you are only exempt if you earn $89,000 per year or more," Mr. Pearl explained. "The majority of California's software engineers are owed overtime, and their employers are going to have to start paying them for it."

Additional information is available from The Pearl Law Firm at (818) 995-8300.