Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Steven G. Pearl and Leonard H. Sansanowicz to Speak at Pilipino Workers' Center

Steven G. Pearl and Leonard H. Sansanowicz will speak at the Los Angeles Pilipino Workers' Center (PWC) on July 31, 2009. Mr. Pearl and Mr. Sansanowicz will address wage and hour issues of concern to the Pilipino community, including the role of immigration status in wage and hour lawsuits and protections available for undocumented workers.

PWC was formed in 1997, on the idea that all individuals deserve a high quality of life and are entitled to safe working conditions, living wages, decent living conditions, access to quality healthcare, and basic human dignity. PWC provides services and resources that help meet the immediate needs of Pilipino workers and their families while organizing for long-term change. More information on PWC is available here.